Thanks for the hard work Troop 2112!!!!

The zucchini and stir fry mix I bought last Thursday were awesome; they made a great Friday night dinner stir fried with pheasant and a Moroccan seasoning, and a great bottle of wine!
Tara Kuipers, a Satisfied Farmers Market Shopper.  

August is Here

It’s August can you believe it?!  Well, neither can we the season has seemed to just slip away into adventures, early morning harvesting, and endless weeding sessions.  With all that said we hope the season continues on.  And it has since we last spoke, earlier this week Girl Scout Troop 2112 from Billings Montana kindly volunteered on the farm.  Their work was tremendously helpful.  The troop helped pull weeds, including those pesky thistles.  The girls also mulched all the rows to insure that their work would not be overrun with weeds.  We would like to thank all the girls of Troop 2112, and Angela their Troop leader for their hard work and time.  We hope you had as much fun as we did.

                In other news, Common Ground Farms has ventured out of Cody and is now attending the Red Lodge farmers market.  The new market is very fun; it is located at Lyon’s park in town on Friday’s at 4:30pm until 7:30pm.  Our excess produce is then brought to Café Regis, and The Pollard where the chefs will create wonderful dishes with our produce.  Stop in at either restaurant and enjoy fresh local produce, and delicious cuisine.


The garden is greener than it has ever been, with new fresh produce popping up every week.  Look forward to leeks, onions, peppers, eggplants, and much more delicious produce!  Stop in at Cody or Red Lodge farmers market to say hello and satisfy some taste buds with fresh local produce.   



Your Farmers   

Cody Farmers Market! Bring your friends!

…Life’s a garden, dig it…

Food On The Way…

Hello everyone,

What a couple weeks we just had, the relentless heat, the Park County Fair and for us the new veggies that are coming into themselves.  The garden is nearing the tipping point for vegetable production. The gourds are putting out fruit left and right, and we have snow peas coming out our ears.  But best of all are the new tastes! The snow peas are sweet, and our beats are earthy.  It is so enjoyable to harvest our veggies and smell them cooking minutes after.  We hope everyone is enjoying the produce as much as we are.  We would like to thank Hilary Eisen for her dedication to the farm this year, and for the recipe she sent our way.  Stay tuned for more information…

Cheers and see you at the market,

Shannon and Jordan